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Career-Boosting Resources for Baltimore Area Nurses

Free Education and Networking Opportunities Nurses in the Baltimore Area

Signing on to a Nursing career is also signing on to a journey of lifelong learning. After completing the training, practicing the trade by working in the field, and the ongoing learning required to keep licenses up to date, you can feel pretty worn thin. The margins that separate a good nurse from a great one are often decided by how far you go beyond what is required in furthering your education. Are you interested in advancing your career? Start today by checking out what's available in your area!

Nursing Event Sources For the Baltimore Area

If you are looking for support, education, or certification opportunities, these event lifelines are an excellent resource for up to date opportunities to network and learn in your area:

Nursing Member Based Education Resources

Member-based nursing education websites provide a variety of wonderful resources and courses at a highly discounted rate. Some courses are even free for members. Here are a few options with free trials and/or limited free course libraries. Links go directly to free libraries:

Nurse Self Care Opportunities

Nursing is a hard job. Between the long varied hours and the constant focus on others, many nurses lack the time and opportunity to care for themselves properly. Taking care of yourself is the foundation of providing high-quality care to your patients. Join the many nurses teaming up to better themselves and take control of their lives by joining the challenge at Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation!

The Nursing Community is the lifeblood of the medical field, and we need our nurses to function at full capacity. Your education, specialization, experience, health, and well being are crucial to the body of medicine. Taking care of our nurses is taking care of our healthcare system, please take advantage of the resources available to you to properly care for yourself and your career.