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What types of nursing coverage does Flexwise offer?

Right now, we connect qualified nurses with per diem and, contract opportunities in select markets.

How are you different from an agency or registry?

In some ways, we’re actually similar. Think of us as the modern answer to age-old staffing problems. But Flexwise is faster and more reliable, and typically offers better pay. By taking the middleman out of the process, hospitals post opportunities directly on the Flexwise app, which immediately notifies all qualified nurses throughout the region.

What types of nursing coverage does Flexwise Health offer?

Right now, we connect qualified nurses with per diem and contract opportunities in select markets.

Am I required to work nights, weekends or specific holidays?

Flexwise guarantees you’ll never have to work a shift you don’t want to. We do frequently offer incentives and contests, but the choice is always up to you.

How often does Flexwise pay?

Flexwise offers weekly pay to make your life easier.

Is Flexwise only for RNs?

We’ve started with RNs, because the needs (and opportunities) are so great in this specific area. Our vision includes adding other nurses, locums, and allied professionals to our platform as quickly as possible.

What is the pay scale?

Our market-specific rate cards are significantly above standard RN rates, based on experience.

How do I sign up for Flexwise?

Sign up here – it only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be able to see available work opportunities right away. If we aren’t covering your market yet, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we get there.

How are you able to offer better pay?

In a word, efficiency. Our online platform allows us to match and place professionals faster, and with less human intervention. This lowers our costs, which means more money goes to nurses themselves.

How will I be notified about job opportunities?

You’re free to choose email or text alerts, in addition to automatic in-app notifications. Whatever works best for you.

How does Flexwise handle background checks, proficiency exams, etc.?

Naturally, we do all the professional screening you’d expect. After all, hospitals count on Flexwise to provide trusted, highly-vetted professionals. But you only have to go through our onboarding process once, even if you end up working at multiple facilities.

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